How to script logins with the original password HASH and original SID

A quick tip useful to avoid problems during migrations.
This query allow to script instance users with orginal SID and password HASH.

This can be very useful to transfer logins to a new or different instance. All informations come from master database catalog. You have to be member of sysadmin role to run correctly this script. Users with noadmin grant we’ll have no or uncomplete output result.

convert(varchar(50),'CREATE LOGIN [' + name + '] with password='),CAST(password AS VARBINARY(26)),
from sys.syslogins  where password is not null

IP Changer

IPChanger allow to change computer network configurations with a click. You can cofigure many TCP/IP configurations and switch rapidly from one to another.

Very usefull for laptop users that works connecting their PC to different networks every day.

No installation necessary!! Simply run the vbs with a double click.

To configure different network connections parameters simply edit the vbs with notepad and follow carefully the instructions.


Note: I wrote this very simple tool some years ago when I was a consultant. Every day a different customer a different open space…. and a different network.

You can download it from HERE.