Anayze SQL default trace to investigate instance events

Quering default trace is the best way to investigate unusual or critical events heppened in SQL server and not logged in errorlog files.
It’s not difficult to find useful informations there but the trace is full of codes to translate to make it more readable and useful. This is my query, based on sys.fn_trace_gettable function and sys.trace_events system table.

DECLARE @TraceFileName NVARCHAR(512)  --Find the trace file name
SELECT @TraceFileName = path
  FROM sys.traces
 WHERE id = 1
 SELECT StartTime,  --then we can quering, translating the EventClass as EventClass , 
    SPID,           --this is the SPID of the session:   
    ObjectName      --can be used for following analysis 	
   FROM sys.fn_trace_gettable(@TraceFileName,default) TG
   left join
   sys.trace_events TE on TG.EventClass=TE.trace_event_id
   where is not null

If you are looking for the query that generated an event (log file grow, deleted object and so on…) you can look for it quering the inputbuffer for the SPID.
NOTE: the SPID can be re-used during the instance life and the inputbuffer is cleaned and re-used for following queries

dbcc inputbuffer([SPID])

The following is the full list of events available to filter in the previous query if you need to monitor a particular kind of event.
Not all are used in the default trace. If you need not traced event you have to create a custom trace.

select trace_event_id,name from sys.trace_events 

trace_event_id name
-------------- -------------------------------
10             RPC:Completed
11             RPC:Starting
12             SQL:BatchCompleted
13             SQL:BatchStarting
14             Audit Login
15             Audit Logout
16             Attention
17             ExistingConnection
18             Audit Server Starts And Stops
19             DTCTransaction
20             Audit Login Failed
21             EventLog
22             ErrorLog
23             Lock:Released
24             Lock:Acquired
25             Lock:Deadlock
26             Lock:Cancel
27             Lock:Timeout
28             Degree of Parallelism
33             Exception
34             SP:CacheMiss
35             SP:CacheInsert
36             SP:CacheRemove
37             SP:Recompile
38             SP:CacheHit
40             SQL:StmtStarting
41             SQL:StmtCompleted
42             SP:Starting
43             SP:Completed
44             SP:StmtStarting
45             SP:StmtCompleted
46             Object:Created
47             Object:Deleted
50             SQLTransaction
51             Scan:Started
52             Scan:Stopped
53             CursorOpen
54             TransactionLog
55             Hash Warning
58             Auto Stats
59             Lock:Deadlock Chain
60             Lock:Escalation
61             OLEDB Errors
67             Execution Warnings
68             Showplan Text (Unencoded)
69             Sort Warnings
70             CursorPrepare
71             Prepare SQL
72             Exec Prepared SQL
73             Unprepare SQL
74             CursorExecute
75             CursorRecompile
76             CursorImplicitConversion
77             CursorUnprepare
78             CursorClose
79             Missing Column Statistics
80             Missing Join Predicate
81             Server Memory Change
82             UserConfigurable:0
83             UserConfigurable:1
84             UserConfigurable:2
85             UserConfigurable:3
86             UserConfigurable:4
87             UserConfigurable:5
88             UserConfigurable:6
89             UserConfigurable:7
90             UserConfigurable:8
91             UserConfigurable:9
92             Data File Auto Grow
93             Log File Auto Grow
94             Data File Auto Shrink
95             Log File Auto Shrink
96             Showplan Text
97             Showplan All
98             Showplan Statistics Profile
100            RPC Output Parameter
102            Audit Database Scope GDR Event
103            Audit Schema Object GDR Event
104            Audit Addlogin Event
105            Audit Login GDR Event
106            Audit Login Change Property Event
107            Audit Login Change Password Event
108            Audit Add Login to Server Role Event
109            Audit Add DB User Event
110            Audit Add Member to DB Role Event
111            Audit Add Role Event
112            Audit App Role Change Password Event
113            Audit Statement Permission Event
114            Audit Schema Object Access Event
115            Audit Backup/Restore Event
116            Audit DBCC Event
117            Audit Change Audit Event
118            Audit Object Derived Permission Event
119            OLEDB Call Event
120            OLEDB QueryInterface Event
121            OLEDB DataRead Event
122            Showplan XML
123            SQL:FullTextQuery
124            Broker:Conversation
125            Deprecation Announcement
126            Deprecation Final Support
127            Exchange Spill Event
128            Audit Database Management Event
129            Audit Database Object Management Event
130            Audit Database Principal Management Event
131            Audit Schema Object Management Event
132            Audit Server Principal Impersonation Event
133            Audit Database Principal Impersonation Event
134            Audit Server Object Take Ownership Event
135            Audit Database Object Take Ownership Event
136            Broker:Conversation Group
137            Blocked process report
138            Broker:Connection
139            Broker:Forwarded Message Sent
140            Broker:Forwarded Message Dropped
141            Broker:Message Classify
142            Broker:Transmission
143            Broker:Queue Disabled
144            Broker:Mirrored Route State Changed
146            Showplan XML Statistics Profile
148            Deadlock graph
149            Broker:Remote Message Acknowledgement
150            Trace File Close
151            Database Mirroring Connection
152            Audit Change Database Owner
153            Audit Schema Object Take Ownership Event
154            Audit Database Mirroring Login
155            FT:Crawl Started
156            FT:Crawl Stopped
157            FT:Crawl Aborted
158            Audit Broker Conversation
159            Audit Broker Login
160            Broker:Message Undeliverable
161            Broker:Corrupted Message
162            User Error Message
163            Broker:Activation
164            Object:Altered
165            Performance statistics
166            SQL:StmtRecompile
167            Database Mirroring State Change
168            Showplan XML For Query Compile
169            Showplan All For Query Compile
170            Audit Server Scope GDR Event
171            Audit Server Object GDR Event
172            Audit Database Object GDR Event
173            Audit Server Operation Event
175            Audit Server Alter Trace Event
176            Audit Server Object Management Event
177            Audit Server Principal Management Event
178            Audit Database Operation Event
180            Audit Database Object Access Event
181            TM: Begin Tran starting
182            TM: Begin Tran completed
183            TM: Promote Tran starting
184            TM: Promote Tran completed
185            TM: Commit Tran starting
186            TM: Commit Tran completed
187            TM: Rollback Tran starting
188            TM: Rollback Tran completed
189            Lock:Timeout (timeout > 0)
190            Progress Report: Online Index Operation
191            TM: Save Tran starting
192            TM: Save Tran completed
193            Background Job Error
194            OLEDB Provider Information
195            Mount Tape
196            Assembly Load
198            XQuery Static Type
199            QN: Subscription
200            QN: Parameter table
201            QN: Template
202            QN: Dynamics
212            Bitmap Warning
213            Database Suspect Data Page
214            CPU threshold exceeded
215            PreConnect:Starting
216            PreConnect:Completed
217            Plan Guide Successful
218            Plan Guide Unsuccessful
235            Audit Fulltext

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